Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Language Are Hard in Journalist

JT reacts to "analysis" of the "news":

Already, a contender for stupidest statement of 2007. A Washington Post article on the recent use of the word "surge" begins:

It's one of those words -- like 'chad' or 'blog' or 'waterboarding' -- that's suddenly become the go-to phrase to describe a contemporary phenomenon.

Yes: a deliberately deceptive word is just like a proper name, a contraction of a proper name, and an uncontracted proper name that literally describes the action that it names.

I want to scream.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Strange, how an historically discredited euphemism ("escalate") is now the rejoinder to this latest sophistry. Lyndon Johnson's political epitaph has some use value, but why not simple description, such as "We are sending in more troops because we didn't send enough before and the ones we did send were getting beaten, but who the hell really knows what will work"; or folksy aphorisms, such as "good money after bad" or "to a hammer, everything looks like a nail" or "monkey is what monkey do"; or my preferred discourse, paraphrasing God's thoughts, as in "WHAT THE FUCK!? WHY NOT JUST PUT YOUR DICK IN THE CUISINART?"

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