Monday, November 06, 2006

Everyone Agrees

We are often approached by conservative (sic) friends, who say "Swill, how can I vote against my party, my President, my dreams, my hopes, my fears, my family. I'm a conservative, after all, not only in terms of my registration, but in terms of my identity."

Here's one for you, kids, from that liberal rag-sheet The American Conservative (a publication with which we have our -- ahem -- issues, but which is reliably to the left of the New Republic about 75% of the time).

Go ahead and read it. Yes, it turns out that even Conservatives (sic) agree: the GOP is a sickness, and it's the duty of every Conservative to vote against them on Tuesday.

Enough already.


Blogger squeezychortle said...

Ever since the regicide, I've felt the republicans, whose ragtag mob clamor for blood in the streets, are a threat not only to the framework of government on the continent, but to the stability of humanity and its oversoul. As the tumbrils clamber through the blood-soaked mud, carving ruts in the psyche as well as the streets, only the stoic can hold back tears.

Fuck them, I say. Fuck them and do other things to them that will make them sad. They are, in the words of Cato, "the kind of monkeys one wants to see roasting on a spit."

3:13 PM  

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